Best Tips to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone

Have you recently dropped an iPhone in the water? Don’t panic! This might seem like a nightmare, but if you act smartly, then you can end up saving your iPhone without any trouble. Lots of users suffer from iPhone liquid damage now and then. While the new generation of Apple devices could be water-resistant, it isn’t entirely waterproof. Furthermore, the feature is not available in most of the iOS devices. If your iPhone wet won’t turn on, then read on and try to implement these quick solutions.

Here are the tips to fix a water damaged iPhone

You can’t go back in time and save your iPhone from getting dropped in water, but you can make an effort to prevent iPhone liquid damage. We have listed some best tips that one should immediately follow after when they have dropped iPhone in water.

  • Remove its SIM card

After making sure that the phone is turned off, you need to ensure that the water won’t damage the SIM card. The best solution is to take the SIM card out. Take the assistance of a paperclip or the authentic SIM card removal clip that must have come with your phone to take out the SIM tray. Additionally, don’t insert the tray back as of now and leave the slot open.

  • Wipe its exterior

Taking the assistance of tissue papers or cotton cloth, wipe the exterior of the phone. If you are using a case to protect your phone, then get rid of it. Don’t apply too much pressure while wiping the phone to minimize the iPhone liquid damage. Make gentle movements while keeping the phone stationary and moving your hands instead to clean its exterior.

  • Place it in a dry place

Your next step to resolve the dropped iPhone in the water problem should be to ensure that water won’t damage its interiors. After clearing its exteriors, you need to be extremely careful of every step you take. It is recommended to place the Apple device in a warm and dry place. This would evaporate the water content that is inside the phone.

Mostly, people place it nearby a window that is exposed to the sun. Make sure that your phone is not directly exposed to too much sunlight. Instead, it should be placed in such a way that it would get constant (and bearable) heat. Placing it on the top of a TV or a monitor is also a widely used technique. While doing so, you need to make sure that your phone won’t get damaged due to extreme exposure to sunlight.

  • Dry it with silica gel packets

Even after wiping off all the liquid from the surface of your iPhone, the moisture can still be there in the inside of your device.

There are times when to resolve the iPhone liquid damage, users take extreme measures that backfire in the long run. One of the safest solutions to dry your phone is by using silica gel packets. While buying electronic items, users get extra packets of silica gel. You can also buy them readily from any major store.

They absorb moisture in a superior manner simply by making minimum contact with the phone’s body. Place a few silica gel packets over and under your phone. Let them absorb the water content that is inside the device.

  • Place it in uncooked rice

You might have already heard of this fool proof solution to repair a dropped iPhone in water. Place your iPhone in a bowl or bag of rice in such a way that it would submerge in it. Make sure that it is uncooked rice else your phone might get unwanted dirt. Leave your phone in rice for at least a day to ensure that the water content would be absorbed entirely. Afterward, all you got to do is take your phone out and remove the pieces of rice from it.

  • Use a hairdryer (if it has a cool wind setting)

This might be a little extreme, but even after following the above-mentioned drill, if the iPhone wet won’t turn on after 48 hours, then you have to walk the extra mile. Be extremely cautious while using a hairdryer to fix the iPhone liquid damage. Turn on the cool wind setting and keep the dryer in low power mode, and gently blow it over your phone. You can keep your phone at a distance ensuring that the air blow won’t cause any damage to it. If it will make your phone heat up, then switch off the dryer immediately.

  • Go to a Trusted iPhone Repair Center

Just in case your iPhone is not working even after it has been dried out, chances are residue moisture may have got inside. In this case, contact an expert at your nearest iPhone repair center at the earliest as your device will need to go through specialized water and liquid damage treatment.

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